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Our bodies are are designed to run perfectly and to self-heal from all disease and infection. Our bodies produce the most powerful pain stopping and disease and cancer fighting chemicals in the world.  More powerful than anything a human being can make.

The purpose of this office is to unlock that potential in every human being.  We unlock that potential by finding what is interfering with your body's self-healing abilities.

The nervous system is the governing system in our entire body.  It is protected by the skull, spinal bones, and the many layers of muscle and connective tissue (Fascia).  This system is the most important system in the body and the reason why Chiropractors are such an important part of your general health.  We asses this system to determine if it is functioning properly.  If there is any interference in this system than the body breaks down and becomes diseased.  The most common reason the nervous system stops working properly is due to something called a Vertebral Subluxation (aka Subluxation).  A Subluxation is a misalignment of a vertebrae that interferes with a nerve signal to and from the brain.  When you interfere with that nerve whatever that nerve goes to stops working properly and the body begins to break down and eventually becomes diseased.  If the nerve supply to your digestive system is compromised you will never digest properly.  If the nerve supply to the heart is compromised than the heart doesn't work properly.  If the nerves to your muscles are irritated than you will always have tight muscles and pain.  This communication is the most important part of the healing process.  If the brain cannot get the signals to and from your body properly then the body cannot heal and you get sick.  A Chiropractor will find and correct these Subluxations so the body CAN HEAL ITSELF from the inside out just as God intended.

On your first visit you can expect us to do a Chiropractic analysis with a NERVE SCAN and possibly x-rays to determine if you are Subluxated.  Then we will use SPECIFIC SCIENTIFIC CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS to correct the Subluxation.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be in pain for there to be a Subluxation.  You can and most likely are Subluxated for many years before you body breaks down to the point that you start getting symptoms (pain, discomfort, etc...).  The most important concept to understand is health is not simply the absence of symptoms but rather a body functioning at optimal health.  That is why we recommend that everyone get checked for Subluxations.  There is no such thing as too young or too old to be checked.  As long as you have a spine you should make sure it is healthy.

The teeth and weight are great analogies for spinal health.  If you stopped brushing your teeth today what would happen to them?  What if you stopped working out today and stopped eating healthy?  The answer is simple.  Your teeth would rot out and you would get fat!  It does not matter how good you took care of your teeth and weight before stopping.  The teeth will still rot and you will still gain weight.  The same is true for the spine!  If you do not take care of your spine properly by checking it for Subluxations and getting those adjusted if present then the spine is going to break down.  THAT IS WHY CHIROPRACTORS EXIST!!!

So give yourself and your family the greatest opportunity for a healthy life by maintaining the most important system of your body.

Thank you and God Bless!

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